Business Advisory Services

At Affinity Partners, we believe that by understanding our clients biggest asset, their business, we can provide practical solutions to their business challenges. We recognise that regardless of the size of your business, continually seeking to improve your business, is a key for success. 

We offer a range of  experienced solutions to help clients achieve improvements in business management, internal systems and increased profitability.  

Our business advisory services include:
  • Profit improvement strategies; 
  • Business performance reviews and analysis; 
  • Development and measurement of business KPI’s (key performance indicators); 
  • Internal system reviews and development; 
  • Business management and advisory board services; 
  • Succession planning;
  • Goal setting; 
  • Due diligence;
  • Financing reviews, structuring and sourcing.
The team at Affinity Partners believes in the age-old saying of “what you can measure, you can manage”. We believe that if you do not measure your business results then you will not know if your business is performing well. 

By identifying key issues within your business you can manage steps for improvements. As we’re a business ourselves, we can appreciate the importance of time being a contributing factor to influencing the management of key metrics and achieving goals.

That being said, we utilise an effective online tool that assists business owners in evaluating your business health, limitations and value.

This solution has been designed to assist managers and owners alike to estimate, oversee and manage financial and non-financial performance.

To receive further information about our services, or to discuss how we can contribute to achieving your goals, contact us