Tax Strategy & Structuring

With every client, taxation is becoming a crucial issue that can recognise opportunities or create challenges. The uncertainty of the taxation system provides a constant challenge that affects all businesses. A decision that is taken today can mean that you need to deal with a number of potentially involuntary taxation consequences in the future.

We believe that the basics of any structuring advice are the strategies employed by your advisor to ensure that your assets are managed tax effectively and are secure. Affinity Partners combines experience and planning to develop arrangements that can achieve a combination of both asset protection objectives with tax minimisation strategies.

By considering the commercial needs of your business we assist in aligning the best possible taxation result to achieve your personal, financial and business goals.

We act as your advocate and can provide independent and commercial advice if you are:
  • Establishing a new structure; 
  • A high growth entity that has outgrown your current structure; 
  • Considering a restructure for a number of reasons; 
  • Looking to wind down your structure and need to understand the taxation implications.
Affinity Partners advocacy approach assists our clients in finding the right solution not just for the tax purposes but for the future of your business. 

Our taxation strategy and structuring services include:
  • Business structuring and asset protection; 
  • Capital gains tax; 
  • Goods and services tax; 
  • Corporate tax planning and advice; 
  • Fringe Benefits Tax; 
  • Remuneration planning and executive salary packaging; 
  • Income Tax; 
  • Superannuation.
To receive further information about our services, or to discuss how we can contribute to achieving your goals, contact us