Xero Beautiful accounting software

Can Accounting Software Be “Beautiful”?

Our guess is that you have never heard accounting software described as beautiful. However, there is really no better description for Xero.

At Affinity Partners, we love Xero because of all that it can offer our clients. It has revolutionised the way that we work with our clients by giving us the capability to provide real time feedback on how your business is performing.
Xero will transform the way you manage your business by streamlining the business administration process, enabling our team to work with you on more critical business issues and taking your business to the next level.
Our entire staff, including partners, are all Xero certified.

About Xero

Xero is a cloud-based accounting system designed specifically for small to medium businesses. This means that your data is always up to date regardless of when and where you connect to it.

Xero allows our team to collaborate more efficiently with you since we can access the same file together. There is no longer any need to spend time trying to send data files and explain issues you are facing. With Xero, we can collaborate together over the phone while sharing the same files online. 

Xero Features

• Access Xero from anywhere in the world via an Internet connection
• Real time view of your bank transactions and cash flow
• Automated daily bank feeds
• Online invoicing and payments
• Online payroll functions with employee portal capability
• World class security
• Unlimited support  

Xero Flexibility

One of the most beautiful things about Xero is its capability to integrate with a large number of add-on applications.
This built-in flexibility allows us to improve the way your business is managed, from cash flow forecasting to detailed inventory management.

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